A Dock, an Art Gallery: Liverpool

Liverpool’s tourist Mecca:  the Albert Dock.

Tate Liverpool: park your umbrella inside….

Beyond the gallery window: industrial life.

Snow? Shifting perspectives? Infinite space?

Concentric lines, unsettled steps – careful! Zobop!

Jim Lambie: Zobop 1999

Arte Povera: a classical figure commentates.

Water within, water without: a view, a statue.

Beuys/me: two self-portaits in one.

Josef Beuys: Felt suit, 1970.

Time for a smartphone moment: Sue?

And a bike moment:  Sue again?

And a pause for reflection.

Before the rains came…. yet again.

An entry for Six Word Saturday – on Sunday…

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

40 thoughts on “A Dock, an Art Gallery: Liverpool”

    1. It is. And would you believe it’s thanks to Michael Heseltine? Back in the day, the place was in a bad way, and the Council wanted to flatten everything and make it into a giant car park. It must be Liverpool’s biggest money-spinner now.

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  1. Really appreciating your ‘through the’ something photographs. It’s one of those aspects of photography that reminds us that the camera and the human eye ‘see’ the world differently. Down by the Albert Docks is looking good these days celebrating culture, but all is not quite as it seems in Liverpool. I know somebody who is the middle of a campaign to stop removal of a popular sculpture. There’s a developer who wants the space to build yet another steel and glass hotel not that far from the Liver Building. http://www.merseysidecivicsociety.org/news/save-the-bucket-fountain


    1. Liverpool has history in not necessarily making the best decisions about its heritage, ancient and modern, as evidenced by the Albert Dock itself. It has some fantastic features: its Central Library is wonderful, but it still has work to do in many areas. Not helped of course by Central Government ….. (petition signed by the way – other blogging friends, please do likewise)

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  2. Thanks for the tour, Margaret. I love the reflection shots. I spent a couple of days in Liverpool last year. Definitely not enough time to revisit old haunts let alone anything new!


  3. I’m just lacking the ‘détente’ to lose myself in your stories – I’ll probably (hopefully) be back another time – off to singing again.

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  4. Alrighty – the singing is done, tomorrow I’ll return to France. It was the most amazingly good (and some days the most excruciatingly bad) choral week ever. On the good side: A new dynamic, incredibly talented and extra-ordinarily kind human being, a fabulous group of enthusiastic (some hugely talented) singers, great friendships, a beautiful place in a mountain hotel with super rooms and matching views, the best cook we’ve had for years and who’s looking to give us ‘proper, clean, local food’ as often as possible, and clearly the most amazing music programme EVAAA!!
    Now it’s difficult to return to our life B, as it always is – We look already forward to next year’s event and bookings will come in fast and furious from February onwards!
    I’ve been wandering with an indulgent eye through that wonderful Liverpool Gallery – I LOVE your selfie over the felt suit – but I also love your choice of pics and comments…. I’ve never been to L, but we had ‘all’ the Liverpudlian (?) men who received unemployment benefits, and who were staying at Torquay’s strand, beer bottle in hand, often foul language displaying….., so that I didn’t feel an urge to visit their ‘home patch’. One told me upon my enquiry: You know it’s so much nicer to spend my time here than in L; near the sea, under a palm tree, people in a friendly mood!
    I don’t know if you know that people call Torquay GOD’S WAITING ROOM; as it’s not only the unemployed and bums who spend their time there but really many, many elderly people. It’s the mild climate, the sedate pace of life, the scenery, the gentleness of people, who is attracting all kinds of folks!

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    1. So glad the singing went well, and that the experience was overwhelmingly positive. Liverpool is an incredibly mixed and diverse community. Like anywhere it has its bad points, but I love its energy and creativity. Definitely worth a visit! Torquay I don’t know at all. I’m not that tempted…

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