Ragtag Saturday: Three months of trying…..

Maybe it’s time for a Zoë update. You remember Zoë. She was the baby granddaughter who couldn’t wait until her due date of October 25th, and frightened us all half to death by being born on August 7th instead.

She’s getting on for six months old now. Corrected though, she’s only just over three. She spent astonishingly little time in an incubator, was out of hospital before she hit 5 pounds in weight and has been doing well ever since.

All the same. In her early weeks, she did little but sleep, eat … and grow. Her milestones are those of a late October baby. She still spends a lot of time sleeping, eating and growing, but now she’s adding skills daily. She discovered how disarming her smiles could be. And now, she’s putting in energetic sessions trying desperately hard to biff at the toys hanging from her baby bouncer. Such an effort! But so rewarding when she lands the telling punch.

This is my contribution to today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: effort.

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  1. So glad to hear she’s doing so well. One of our grandchildren was delivered at 34 weeks and it was fascinating to watch him develop. There were things he learned to do because he was in the world and could and those things he was programmed to do at 40 weeks+. He’s 8 now and you’d never know. Zoë looks gorgeous.

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    1. We know she’ll catch up. She’ll be in the awkward position of being eligible for school when she’s only just 4. I suspect she may do well to wait a year. Four is sooooo early anyway, and she’ll really only be 3 3/4.


      1. To reassure – Jasper is also August born and so was just 4 when he started school and had no problem. And me too.


      2. Yes, but the problem is she’s really October-born. But they don’t have to decide anything yet. It’s way too early to know whether she’d benefit from a further year in nursery. In general, I think we’re far too keen in this country on packing our chldren off to school.


    1. It was actually a gif, but that’s how it came out on the blog. You’re right, I should have done a few seconds at least. Missed you on Friday!


  2. Fabulous to see her in action, absolute sweetie little mite. And, I wholeheartedly agree with you about starting formal school too soon in this country. I ‘missed’ the first year of school as my parent’s were messing about with moving back from abroad, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Anyway there’s plenty of time before any school decisions for Zoë need to be made.

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