The road north……

We left Barcelona.

Past Monserrat….

We drove north through the Pyrenees, both in Spain and in France…..

Used the mirrors to glance back and back till we could no longer see the mountains……

Through the edge of the Lauragais, south of Toulouse…..

….reaching Cahors by the evening.

Much of the next day was spent in the flatlands of central France, in the Touraine…..

And now we’re with friends in Normandy, on the border of both Mayenne and Manche.

Which landscape would you choose?

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

19 thoughts on “The road north……”

  1. That’s a difficult one! I love the water, I like the mountains, I’m happy in valleys and happiest when I’m somewhere with my partner, friends, or just people I love and appreciate…. But I couldn’t live in some of those hot spots in the South, and I wouldn’t want to live in the mountains either, generally in a rather quiet (quaint!?) spot CLOSE to public transports to take me quickly to a good sized town/city because I also need the stimulation and buzz of a cultured place…. But mostly I’d need right now and then forever…. a place to feel totally home again. Mutch of my married life I’ve spent ‘in between’ places. This last big adventure is ‘selling our house’ and then returning to Switzerland AND finding for exactly the right time in the future a place to rent where I feel AT HOME.
    Beautifully evocative post. Safe trip home

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    1. Thank you. You have big adventures ahead, so good luck. Switzerland will mean mountains, won’t it? No flatlands there! Yes, we all seem to need a bit of everything, don’t we? Just don’t ask me to live somewhere flat.

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  2. I loved the mountains when we lived in Scotland, so yes I’d choose your third view. But like many others have said, cities are enticing, rivers have their beauty, and the sea is amazing. Great photos!


  3. Ah, so that’s Monserrat. I recognise the view from a couple of years ago when we drove past. No time to stop then but I made a mental note to return some time. Those mountains, which I now understand to be Montserrat, looked fantastic. So that’s my choice from the landscapes you offer.

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    1. Montserrat is so dramatic. Best reached by cable car. You could – just – do it in a day trip from Quillan, crossing via the stunningly beautiful road through Ax-les-Thermes and Puigcerda. On the other hand – make it a long weekend.


  4. The mountains are breathtaking to visit, but as a place to live it would be the flatlands of central France for me every time if estuary marshland was not an available choice. Beautiful photos.


  5. I’m astonished. Every time we drive through the Touraine, we give thanks that we don’t have to live there. No secret views,no hills to climb, no variety. Don’t tell me – skies. Wonderful of course, but not enough.


  6. Interesting question. My Goldilocks location is somewhere not too hot, not too cold and not too domesticated. But I admit that I do like having access to the conveniences of town.

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