Plastic free Friday

A night on a ship. A day on the road, speeding through through the Netherlands (very flat) and then Germany (increasingly hilly as we approached Franconia, our destination).

This is what German motorway service stations have to teach us. Plastic free is possible. Sandwiches are wrapped in paper. Food is served on ceramic plates with metal cutlery. Proper coffee cups. Drinks (from glass bottles) are served in glasses. Paper straws.

All the concessions we saw danced to the same tune. Apart from Burger King and Costa. There it was disposable everything as usual.

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  1. Well done to the Germans in one area. Can’t forget about their cars though.

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      1. It’s depressing here to see the number of products that have ecological-looking paper packaging with plastic inside. Right look / wrong materials!

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  2. Very encouraging to see. Last time we stopped at an English motorway services to eat our picnic lunch, we were impressed at the range of bins for food waste and various recyclables…until I realized most people were just shoving everything in “general waste,” and being encouraged in doing so by a worker. When the bins were full the bags all got emptied into the same larger bin to be wheeled outside. So I didn’t have much hope for any of it being properly disposed of. I tweeted to the services company in charge and they said to speak to any of their employees if I was concerned things weren’t being done properly. Right…

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  3. If only we would all go back to the days before plastic….I am working on becoming less dependent on plastics and other items. I am trying to have work get a water cooler instead of purchasing water in plastic bottles. If we all do one little thing to keep our beautiful world clean just think of what we can accomplish.

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  4. When I lived just outside Frankfurt 25 years ago we had to sort our rubbish for collection years before we had to here. All the Germans I knew were much more concerned with their environment than the British. We were a good decade behind and looks like we are still behind!

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  5. Further to Agnesashe’s comment – not only were the Germans recycling everything over 25 years ago they were even making Playmobil toy people who lived in houses that had three different recycling bins in the utility room! My daughter and I had to read the instructions to find out what the three bins were!

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