Snapshot Saturday: the awakening garden

Originality has gone out of the window as I enter Day Twelve of the Great Coughing Virus.  I’ve found some pictures from last year’s much more clement spring.  This is a walk round and about the awakening garden, exactly a year ago.

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is ‘Awakening’.  Click on any image to view full size.

28 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: the awakening garden”

    1. Actually they’re not that delayed. Just not always on top form. Like me. I got up this morning thinking I was on the way up, but have returned to bed once more, mewling and shivering. I’ll get there!


  1. Lovely images. The sun came out for us in Norfolk yesterday and I almost had to take a photo of it – haven’t seen it for so long! Hopefully with summer temperatures starting next week you’ll start to improve.

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  2. Sorry to hear you’re so under the weather (no pun intended) and hope you’ll soon feel better. If it wasn’t for the spring flowers here, it’d feel more like autumn. That sunshine can’t come too soon.

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  3. I’ve abanoned planting some seeds this year as it’s all so delayed. Finally things are springing up – I hope this means the flowering season will go on a little longer. And beautiful enough for the next few days to get out and poke about in the garden (even after work). I hope your cough soon goes – that’s a helluva long time to have one xxx

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  4. Outch, this cough seems to be a persistent one – you posted on April 12th and today, April 19th, you’re still heartily coughing…. Poor soul!
    I – however – am already heavily suffering from pollen and ‘hay fever’ although no hay is in sight yet…… Aaah, the joy of spring time, and summer!

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