Snapshot Saturday: from Pyrenees to Pennines via books, a cup of coffee,a skein of geese …. and an elephant

The WordPress photo challenge this week is ‘Beloved’.

I don’t think the humans in my life whom I love would be happy for me to plaster their images all over the blogosphere.  I have no pets, beloved or otherwise.  So I’ll have to look a little further.

Here’s a little miscellany of images, beloved images:

  • The Yorkshire Dales, whose rolling hills, bisected by ancient drystone  walls I missed so much during our years in France.
  • The Pyrenees, from their richly flowered springtime meadows through to winter, when their rocky slopes are covered in deep snow, and which I now miss every single day.  I’ll miss the shared picnics on our walks together, when our French friends pooled resources, and we ate everybody’s offerings of home-cured sausage, local cheeses, bread, home-baked cakes together with wine and somebody’s grandfather’s very special eau de vie.
  • Springtime daffodils.  Every year I go into deep mourning when they wither, die and finally become untidy heaps of dying leaves.  I’m happier now as they thrust their sheathed stems through the hard soil, promising to flower soon- but not quite yet.
  • There are books: I need a pile beside my bed to get me through the night.
  • A single, perfect cup of coffee from Bean and Bud in Harrogate.
  • Skeins of geese flying overhead mark the seasons here, and I love their haunting, raucous cries.
  • And so on….

I’ll end though with this.  I wasn’t beloved of this elephant in Kumbakonam,  Tamil Nadu, who was only doing his job when I visited him ten years ago on my Indian Adventure.  But I felt beloved and very special when he raised his trunk and brought it down upon my shoulder – his very distinctive way of blessing me.

Elephant in the temple of Adi Kumbeswarar, Kumbakonam, ready to give me his blessing.

Click on any image to see a slideshow of the photos, full-size.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

27 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: from Pyrenees to Pennines via books, a cup of coffee,a skein of geese …. and an elephant”

  1. A wonderfully eclectic journey through the notion of beloved. That photo of the geese is stunning. (I couldn’t help studying the titles on the pile of books and was suitably impressed and inspired. Then I noticed the caption! 😉 )

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  2. Lovely post. It got me thinking about what is beloved by me. Books most certainly, and the beautiful Dales landscape. Chocolate would be there somewhere too! x

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  3. What an interesting interpretation and collection of photos. The thought of being whacked on the shoulder by an elephant is something to ponder, did it hurt?

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      1. Elephants are lovely. We saw a film at the Elephant Sanctuary in Malaysia of elephants being rescued from shrinking habitat. They often come by river on a raft and find it very stressful so they are accompanied by two “staff” elephants who stand on either side of the rescuee and wrap their trunks round it for comfort. It was very moving.

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  4. A good and thoughtful interpretation of ‘beloved’. The picnic up in the mountains must have been breathtaking! I never tire of views from tops of hills and mountains (and I chose to live in the flatlands just a few metres above sealevel!)

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  5. I do get the countryside, geese and definitely the coffee, but there is something so special about a huge animal bestowing such a gesture on you. Truly wonderful and beloved. Lucky you.

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