Snapshot Saturday: No surprise here – a rooster for Easter

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Well, he’s a fine rooster, and just the kind of handsome fellow you want illustrating an Easter-tide post, doing his bit to father the next generation of fluffy chickens.  Not surprising at all to find him here.  All the same, these gaudy colours are quite eye-opening, quite a surprise.  So this cockerel can do duty this week in the WordPress photo challenge: surprise.

24 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: No surprise here – a rooster for Easter

  1. well those colours are certainly a surprise for me – not as much as a (too) early wake-up call would have been mind you, especially here in London! Does he live near you?

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  2. Great photos. We ran into several wild chickens when we were on vacation in Florida. They looked like your breed. Crowed and clicked and strutted for the the tourists. Wonder did they crow thrice

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