Our rural retreat.

I’ve messed up. After Busan, we chose Gyeonju, a city so rich in history it’s known as ‘the museum without walls’. I booked us in at a guest house, as I thought, just beyond the edge of the town.

Our hosts kindly came to collect us from the bus station. We left town. We left out-of-town trading estates. We left any form of housing. We left the main road. We started to climb. We saw a sign ‘Gyeonju National Park’. Still we travelled.

And after thirty five minutes we pulled in here. We’re surrounded by forested mountains, by bubbling streams, by tiny smallholdings set into the valleys. There are cicadas, songbirds, slightly officious magpies. There are frogs and fish in the pond, and red and blue dragonflies. There are even some adorable kittens.

Do you really think I’ve messed up?

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

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