British summer time: the final days

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We’re more than half way through August.  It ought to be high summer, but autumn’s on its way.  As we walked down the road yesterday, a few crisp brown leaves blew across our path.  Mornings start later, night comes sooner.  The combine harvesters trundling round the fields seem almost to have completed their work.  The shops are full of neat school uniforms and bright pencil cases ready for the new academic year.

Before it’s too late, here are some summer time views, from Moelfre in Anglesey.  And because it’s British Summer time, the sea isn’t always blue and nor is the sky. But that’s fine: we expect that here in the UK.

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17 thoughts on “British summer time: the final days”

  1. So true. There are signs of autumn everywhere already. I remarked to my husband last night about how early the nights were drawing in now and I posted a photo on Instagram and FB of my blueberry plants already in the their red autumn garb. There’s a definite autumn chill in the air.

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  2. These photos are beautiful, Margaret–I love the ones of the expanses of beach and sky. It’s still summer here–hot and sunny–but, you’re right, autumn is starting to make herself known . . .

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  3. Very autumnal yesterday. I was outside raking leaves!
    Much better today and we went out walking – and spotted ripe blackberries in the hedgerows which always means autumn to me.

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  4. Meant to add – we start the walk at instruction 2 (there’s a layby very near) which avoids walking along the road back and forth into Kirkby Malzeard. It’s only a short walk but one of our favourites.

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  5. Beautiful photos Margaret; I was trying to decide which I liked best but couldn’t – they all remind me of summer! We have been in the Peak District for the past week – the first few days were wonderful but the last three have been wet and cold and very autumnal.

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  6. Just when I think it must be nearly autumn, the weather heats up again. I’m trying to decide when to review a literary anthology about autumn: for the meteorological start of the season or the astronomical. More likely it will just be whenever I finish the book!

    We have ripe blackberries on the bramble in our back garden, and the local apple and plum trees have a lot of ripe fruit too. I think we’ll have to do a crumble this weekend for our first guests in the new place.

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