The pirates return

It’s time to leave Phil Sayer in peace. My daughter gave him a glorious send-off last Monday, with a funeral attended by nearly 400 people, celebrating his life with tears certainly, but also, nostalgia, humour and even laugh-out-loud moments. When were you last at a funeral which began with Monty Python’s ‘Galaxy Song’? Just before we try to resume normal service, here’s a post I wrote two years ago, celebrating Phil’s time on the pirate ship Radio Caroline.

Rest in peace, Phil.

From Pyrenees to Pennines

Alex and Ben rush down the gangplank of the pirate ship. Alex and Ben rush down the gangplank of the pirate ship.

This post probably won’t make much sense if you’re not from the UK.  It won’t make sense even if you’re British if you’re not at least in your mid- 50’s.  You won’t know of a world where your radio listening choices were limited to the Home Service (much like Radio 4), the Light Programme (much like  Radio 2) and the Third Programme ( much like…. yes, Radio 3).  What’s missing from this list?  Yes, indeed, Radio One.

If you were a teenager before the mid 1960s, you weren’t going to get much joy listening out for a diet of pop music by choosing the BBC.  The only option was to tune in to the commercial Radio Luxembourg.  The amount of music it offered grew rapidly throughout the ’60s, but anyone from my generation will remember the commercials too…

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  1. Wow, it brought it all back! I remember all the fading in and out of Radio Luxembourg and you could only listen at night. I loved Johnnie Walker! I used to have my little tranny under my pillow so Mum and Dad couldn’t hear it and wait for Percy Sledge to sing Wrap Me in your warm and tender love at midnight every night after he had said Goodnight to a special someone. I always hoped it would be me!
    I have been thinking about you all week. It’s good to hear from you again.


  2. Teenagers in the US were listening to Wolfman Jack broadcast from Mexico at the same time as you were listening to Radio Caroline! I’m glad you re-posted this–it’s a neat story and a fitting tribute to Phil. Phil lived a big, good life, didn’t he?

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  3. I was a Radio Caroline and Luxembourg listener, but never lived far enough north to hear Phil. Good to read he had a splendid send-off and I hope that it makes for another positive memory for you and your family.

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