Only sky

Walking, Yorkshire

The days are short
The sun a spark
Hung thin between
The dark and dark.
John Updike, “January,”A Child’s Calendar

A bright winter’s afternoon.  Just time, before the evening cold sets in, to get out for a couple of hours of brisk walking: 5 miles or so along familiar paths.  So familiar that this time, I focus on the sky: changeable, unpredictable.

Sometimes it’s moody, sometimes cheerful, sometimes simply rather grey and colourless, at other times dramatic, particularly towards sunset.  Come and walk with me to watch the clouds.

8 thoughts on “Only sky

  1. These are such great pictures! And the little verse perfectly sums up the time of year. How cold was it when you were out for your walk? I want to walk but it is frigid here . . .


  2. Beautiful photographs Margaret. You can certainly see the influence of the jet stream in some of these cloud formations. I hope you’re now tucked up warm as the next cold front approaches.


    1. Yup, we have sleety snow just now, so I suppose the cold is on its way. About time too, really…. I ought to learn more about clouds: I’ll add it to the list


  3. Wow! Those clouds are amazing. Thank you for sharing them with us, it reminds me I need to look up and see what is above me and around me more than I do. And, that I need to get out and take a walk.


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