A new look for an old blog.

Back in 2007, family members funded the trip of a lifetime for me.  A whole month in India: a country I’d wanted to visit since my teenage years.

I wanted to keep them in touch with my travels.  I wanted my friends too to know what I was up to.  So with great difficulty, since I was and am no geek, I started a blog.  If I knew then what I know now, I’d never have chosen the blogging platform I chose to use.  When I revisit it, I find it clunky and cumbersome.  So I decided to transfer the lot to WordPress.

Here it is. and you’ll recognise the first few sentences of its front page post.

It makes a change from winter in France or in England.  It certainly makes a change from the freezing conditions being endured by my American readers.  But worry not.  Next time, we’ll be back in France again.

By the way, I have just understood from one of my readers not too far from here that it wasn’t clear you have to click the link.  Click HERE if you’d like to look at my new-improved-old-travel-blog, SouthIndia 2007.

Is this France?  Or India?  Actually, it's the view from the window of my hotel in Pondicherry back in 2007.
Is this France? Or India? Actually, it’s the view from the window of my hotel in Pondicherry back in 2007.

2 thoughts on “A new look for an old blog.”

  1. Wow, what a trip! I’m looking forward to looking through the blog and reading about your Indian travels. India fascinates me, but I have no idea when I’d be able to get there. My boyfriend is not so enamored, so I’d have to leave him at home, which thankfully would be fine with both of us 😉


    1. Yes, do just that. Malcolm had absolutely no wish to come, and I loved having the chance to be with others to start with, as I got acclimatised in more ways than one: and then to travel on my own, pleasing nobody but myself. Oooh, and take a good camera and lots of batteries 😉


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