The morning after the night before.

I don’t celebrate the winter solstice.  From my point of view, what’s to celebrate on the shortest day of the year – and the longest night?  But the day after: that’s a different story.  Now the days get just a little bit longer, the nights a little bit shorter, every single day till the middle of next June.  So today was the day to jump cheerfully out of bed and enjoy the clear bright sunshine, lasting a whole 5 seconds longer than yesterday.  Come and join us on a brisk morning walk.

We’ll start from the Lac de Montbel, walk along the water’s edge to the hamlet of Les Baylards, and then climb up to the ridge that leads through the woods, overlooking the Plantaurel and the more distant Pyrenees, towards Mireval.  Back down the hill through Villaret.  This is a tiny hamlet on a single track road, but it charms me every time with its old blue enamel sign, ‘Poids Lourds’ – ‘HGV this way’.   Back to the car, and we’ll be home in time for lunch, with an afternoon’s sunshine still ahead of us.

6 thoughts on “The morning after the night before.”

  1. If only I could join you – it looks gorgeous. Our dog walk at the moment is ankle deep in mud. Still we still have electricity and don’t have to go out. Have a great Christmas.


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