Mountain Apollo

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I just want to share a photo I took on our walk on Sunday, when we went to the Gorges de la Frau.  This butterfly seduced us all with its distinctive spots and white grisaille wings.  It turns out to be rare, a protected species, and known only in mountain regions, mainly in Southern Europe.  The French know it as Apollon, and its Latin name is Parnassius Apollo.  If your French is up to it, you can read about it here.  

And here’s a small taste of the Gorges de la Frau, only a few miles from our house.


15 thoughts on “Mountain Apollo

  1. The shot was a piece of luck. In order not to disturb the butterfly, I had to photograph it from below my hips, blind, just pointing and shooting. The gorge is a great place, especially fabulous in Autumn when the trees are in New England mode.


    1. Hello Lucy! I enjoy your blog a lot, and show it to French friends who are interested in English baking. Thanks – I was pleased with the shot. Bit of a fluke, but still….


    1. Thank you! I’ve just looked at you blog, and translated it with the help of ‘Google Translate’. Lovely recipes – and the photos are gorgeous!


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