Postcards from Girona 2

I knew I’d be writing at least one more post about Girona.  In my mind I’d plotted a quick run through the city’s exciting history, or an art history essay about one or more of the churches perhaps.  In the end though, you can get these things from any guide book, or by questioning the search engine of your choice.  What I’d like you to do is to plan a visit if you don’t know the city already, or to suggest other places to explore here if you do.

We’ve enjoyed pounding the streets.  Look up, or down as you’re walking, and you’ll find some gem worth your attention.  We’ve enjoyed finding little bars and making them our own for an early breakfast or a mid-morning coffee stop.  It’s astonishing how many Catalans seem to need a caffeine-rush before, during or after the daily grind.    Nor is it simply tourists who hunt for restaurants with outside tables and just enough shade to keep cool and comfortable: for the Spanish, irritatingly, being outside means chain-smoking too.

Churches mean the chance to explore centuries of fascinating history.  We passed almost an entire afternoon in Sant Feliu and then the Cathedral: and more or less accidentally discovered the outside of another- Sant Domènec, and the interior of one more – Santa Susanna.

We enjoyed our visit to the Arab Baths, the 12th century descendants of the Roman bath house, and antecedent of baths such as our own familiar Turkish baths in Harrogate.

Oooh, but it was tiring.  How good it was to end each day relaxing over a meal, people watching in the evening warmth, before strolling back through Devesa park  to our hotel, perchance to sleep.

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    1. Ah, I never mentioned the thunderstorm did I? Yes, it was still warm, but I quite expected Noah, complete with Ark, to come sailing down the street.


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