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This isn’t a post from me today.  Not here.  Not really. But there is one from me somewhere.  It’s just a question of looking for it.  You could try HERE

This is what happens when you start blogging.  You start to read other blogs.  If you’re not careful, blog-following could even take over your life, there’s so much stuff being posted: all day, every day.  Other bloggers start reading what you write.  They comment on your posts, you comment on theirs.

This doesn't need a caption - does it?
This doesn’t need a caption – does it?

And that’s where the trouble starts.

About 18 months ago, I noticed a post that struck a chord with me.  As a schoolgirl I must have been scarred for life because a post on a blog now called ‘renée a schuls-jacobson’s blog : because life doesn’t fit in a file folder’ set me thinking about that day when…. oh it doesn’t matter now, but I revealed all when I commented.  And lo, I was invited to be a guest blogger, for one day only…….

….. as one of a series called ‘So wrong’.

Renée says: ‘In 2013, I asked a few of my blogging buddies to share their most embarrassing moments from which they learned. . . something.‘  Oddly, it was quite hard to decide what to write about, but Renée never seems to have a problem choosing material.  She writes because she loves to write, loves her family and friends, loves life, and no subject is off limits: words, family life, Jewish stuff, Tingo Tuesday (Just look it up.  Follow the link).  For her, blogging is a conversation with everyone who reads what she has to say. She puts a lot of energy too into bringing together an eclectic bunch of people as guest-writers, so I’m very flattered to have the chance to join this select club.

Renée always hopes that her readers will leave comments – they often do and she always replies.  As I do. It’s  good to talk, and I enjoy the relationships I’ve made with regular commenters whom I’ve yet to meet.  If you haven’t yet done so…why not join in?

PS.  What you may not say when you read my post on Renée’s blog  is ‘I’ve read the first part of this before’.  Yes.  You have, if you’ve been here for the long haul.  But only the first part.

PPS.  Message from Renée: ‘Hey friends of Margaret! You can click on my name and be magically transported to just the right place!’  She’s right you know…..

8 thoughts on “Blog alert”

  1. Ohhhh! I see, you want people to click the word HERE. Erm…you might want to make that bold or remind them again, at the end. I know, darling. It’s your first time. No worries.

    Hey friends of Margaret! You can click on my name and be magically transported to just the right place!


    1. Oh! I thought I’d done quite well by you. Three chances to link up. But now there are four. If they still ignore you they’re being quite determined about it 😉


  2. OK so now I’m having to double comment! I wish I had more time to read my ever-growing blog list. I’ve tried organising it into groups, topic related. I’ve tried allocating some to each day of the week. One week I even set the alarm for 5 a.m on a Sunday morning such was the guilt I felt. And don’t even get me started on my own blogging.


    1. Goodness me. You sound even sadder than me. But there really is some interesting stuff isn’t there? Don’t tell Kalba. She’ll think we’re irredeemably sad.


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