The Lakes with additional rain, cloud … and sheep

One of the sheep who were our constant companions
One of the sheep who were our constant companions

The Lake Distict: English holiday destination par excellence, and favourite subject for armies of painters and poets. Wordsworth, who wandered ‘lonely as a cloud’, Coleridge, Southey – they’re known as the Lake Poets – drew inspiration from the area. Peter Rabbit’s stamping grounds, including Mr. McGregor’s vegetable patch, must have been near Windermere, where his creator, Beatrix Potter lived. JMW Turner’s one of thousands of painters who’ve been inspired by views of the Lakes. Batallions of holiday-makers, especially walkers, arrive in the area every week of the year.

In short, everyone loves the Lake District. Except me. I arrive under banks of mist and bucket-loads of rain (like everyone else). I tramp round pretty towns looking for evidence of ordinary every day life, and find nothing but outdoor shops, craft galleries and tea shops. I’m one of a crowd in an area I’d prefer to enjoy in solitude. So I tend to avoid it in favour of the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland or the Peak District. Still, there we were last week, first for a magnificent birthday celebration, and then for a family weekend. And for the first time, despite lots of rain and even more mist, I enjoyed being there.  I learnt to distinguish Swaledale sheep from their Herdwick cousins, who have black lambs: I enjoyed briskly walking with friends and family in the bracing cold, and finding daffodils and blossom, despite its being May: and at last I learnt to appreciate the famous scenery.   An excellent holiday.

15 thoughts on “The Lakes with additional rain, cloud … and sheep”

  1. We’re off there next weekend for the Bank Holiday, staying on the shores of Bassenthwaite. I’m packing my winter woollies!


  2. ……..winter wollies here needed as well !!!! yes, love that area, lakes and sheep – enjoy yourselves as well, do you know already when you’ll be back in France ? take care, love, AnnA


  3. I agree about the touristy part but you don’t have to walk far to be alone. We stayed in a lovely B&B in Cockermouth, before the flood and it was a real town and even had a shop where we could buy a coat for the dog – a vital accessory in August!


  4. wellwell, ok, I’ll be back next WE as well..insurances and income tax…staying at Dorothy’s – cup of tea sundaymorning ?? happy return, A


  5. Your photography is superb Margaret – you have an eye for composition. I love the hens on the wall, and the sheep standing four square to the camera. Delightful. And didn’t I tell you there were still daffodils out! Enjoy your celebrations.


      1. Your son has obviously inherited your genes. So Happy Birthday for whenever -are in the UK celebrating your birthday then?


  6. Hi Margaret, it would be lovely to see you if you have time. I met up with Hilary and Sue last Tuesday and they were asking about you and whether you still had the flat in Ripon. XX



    1. Oh Jean, this was a flying visit. Mainly in Lake District and those 2 parties. No, we no longer have the Ripon flat or a UK base (apart from the house – rented out), but we’ll be back for a much longer stay in September. xx


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