One lump or two?

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Enfin! We are at last a real proper French household.    Pop round to us for a mid morning break these days (as Henri often does) and you’ll get coffee (freshly brewed in a cafetière of course.  Small cups.  No milk offered) and the sugar on the side will no longer be in a dinky English sugar bowl or –  even worse – bag.

Certainly not.  We have invested, as any French householder should, in a pretty box specially designed to hold the rectangular cardboard boxes of sugar lumps on sale in any old grocer’s or supermarket. C’est normale.

6 thoughts on “One lump or two?

  1. So it takes a sugar lump tin to be French? Well, coming from Africa, I thought that trains running on the same day was a luxury. So the first time I complained about a train running late, I realised I was turning into a Brit!!!
    Although your benchmark is obviously tres chic!


    1. Well, if you’re off to SA at any moment, you’ll get to check whether you are now becoming more – or less – British. Have a great time


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