Bedding down for Winter

October 16th.  Officially, chez Malcolm and Margaret, it’s the first day of Preparing-for-Winter.  It’s cold, for one thing.  Well, 10 degrees, anyway.

Today was the day when I planted spring bulbs in pots and topped them off with the sturdy little pansies I bought at the market yesterday.  Then I picked off the flowers, and stuck them in a vase, because I was brought up to do things that way.  The plants put their energy into establishing themselves in their new home, rather than into supporting the flowers that are already out.  That’s the theory, anyway.

And tonight was the night we lit the wood-burning stove for the first time this season.  Its cosy, cheery glow makes us look forward to those dark cold days to come – yes, really.

Then we finished off with a proper winter’s meal: aubergine parmigiana, and a cold-weather salad of leathery-leaved lettuce,  rocket and mâche, with a bottle of good red wine.

Who cares if summer’s gone, with all the compensations of those chilly short days to look forward to?

6 thoughts on “Bedding down for Winter”

  1. Well, I do, for one. I hate the dark cold days to come. Always have, always will. I wish I could hibernate from November to February. Fires, central heating, thermal vests, jumpers? Not for me, I’m afraid …
    K xx


    1. Well, do you know Kalba, until a couple of years ago I’d have agreed with you. I thought I’d spawned two very odd creatures indeed in my daughters, who’ve always preferred winter. Now I’ve gone and joined them. I think it’s the wood-burning stove that did it. Also my increasing inability to deal with the very hot conditions I used to spend my days longing for. All terribly odd. xx


  2. You almost made me look forward to winter but apart from the prospect of skiing you failed! Can’t resist mentioning that I’m wtiting this one handed as I’m cuddling our newest grandson on our last day in Penang & I can’t imagine ever being cold (or dry) again.


    1. Awww! I hope it’s been a wonderful time for you all. Though I’d love to travel to that part of the world of course, the climate does sound a little taxing. But you’ve had other things on your mind!


  3. looking forward to lighting our stove next week when we arrive. Nothing better than coming downstairs to see if the stove is still alight.


    1. Yes, it’s quite a challenge, isn’t it, that Getting-It-To-Stay-In All-Night thing? Not that we’re quite there yet. It isn’t all that cold really. Just miserably wet and windy.


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