Playing with Light

Playing with light.  That’s what we’re doing this week for Jude’s photo assignment. I took each of my shots three times: as a simple automatic shot, in high key and in low key mode.

It’s probably me and the shots I chose, but in each case, working in high key did these subjects no favours, and simply made them look bleached and lifeless.  Low key however did add some drama.

I looked at my neighbour’s roses in the morning, took a walk at noon, and enjoyed the first of the petunias to show its face in the evening.

Here’s a little quiz.  Each of these shots is taken in high key, low key, automatic, or in toy – pinhole – mode.  But which one? Have a look at the gallery, before bringing up the shot full size to reveal the answer.

2020 Photo Challenge #20

Six Circles for a Lockdown Saturday


Six Word Saturday

Click on any image to see it full size.

A Grey Day? Or Perhaps Not.

I chose Tuesday as a day to record the changing conditions outside the kitchen window from sunrise to sunset, for Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge in which she invites us to observe a single view throughout the day.  As the day wore on, I wondered why I’d bothered.  It was a dull, somewhat gloomy day.  Just grey and rather cold, nearly all day.  But when I downloaded the pictures and looked at them, I discovered far more had been going on than I had realised.  You take a look too.

5.40 a.m.

A favourite?  Maybe 8.00 in the evening.  The weather’s picked up and the light has softened as the evening draws in.  And finally, I’ll show you some of the lilac that features in every shot.

# 2020 Photo Challenge 19: Light.

You asked for 6 photos, Jude.  Sorry, you’ve got ten.  Plus one.

One More Walk in the Woods

Greensitt Batts

Heslett Wood

Coal Bank Wood


Five Ponds Wood

Mickley Barrass

I walk in the woods daily.

Join me just one more time.

Light shafting downwards through the trees.

Loamy paths, wild garlic, bluebells, campion.

Silence: except for birdsong, purling streams.

The tang of sap, earth, flowers.

#Six Word Saturday

Jo’s Monday Walk

It’s All Wet

I’ve been hunting through the archive for pictures that are All Wet.  It’s easy enough to find souvenirs of days out in the rain: this is England after all; and of riverside and seaside shots.  But my eye kept being drawn to these photos, ones taken when I was reluctantly imprisoned inside during a rainstorm, or otherwise messing about in the wet.  What do you think?

The Yorkshire Dales in a rainstorm.
Busan, South Korea after a heavy rain storm.

Lens-Artists Challenge #95 – All Wet

Look for Shadows

‘Look for shadows’, says Jude.  So I have.  William did too, and he was sure he could catch his shadow if he tried just a little bit harder.

I went out catching shadows too: on roadways, in fields, on the bedroom wall.  Sometimes they were crisp silhouettes of the objects themselves, and at other times bafflingly indistinct, or satisfyingly abstract.

# 2020 Photo Challenge 18