Trompe-l’œil in Knaresborough

Blogging challenges, North Yorkshire

Knaresborough is a characterful town just along the road from us. And one of its characterful features is that around any corner, you may find a house with a deceptive window or doorway. These are not real windows and doors, though they’re painted to look authentic enough. They’re trompe-l’œils. One day, I’ll produce a town trail of all of them. For now, here’s a taster from our visit on Saturday.

Anybody famous here?

For Ludwig’s Monday Window….

And Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge

Daytime brings forth March Flowers

Blogging challenges, Poetry

Most months, I like to join in Rebecca of Flake Flamenco’s Poetry Challenge. I’m not much of a poet and don’t I know it? – but any chance to get the grey matter’s muscles toned has to be taken once you get to my advanced years.

This month, she’s asked us to write a Shadorma – a non-rhyming six line poem with a specific syllable count of  3/5/3/3/7/5. It’s alleged to have its origins in Spain, though not a soul can offer any evidence for this theory. No matter. We’ll have a go anyway. Rebecca’s asked us to focus on light and darkness. Light into darkness is the way the world is going just now, so I’m going from darkness to light.


days have gone at last.

Here is Spring.

Buds unfurl,

reach upwards to the sun’s rays

and lingering light.

This provides me with the perfect excuse to have a few springtime pictures of flowers doing just that – stretching their petals upwards and eagerly towards the sun. It’s probably a bit late for you to join Rebecca this month with your own poems – closing day is today. But she’ll be challenging us again next month – and if you join in, she’ll translate your poem into Spanish. This is why I do this: she translates all our words into pure poetry. I love it.

Odds & ends that didn’t get their 5 minutes of fame … until now

Blogging challenges

Becky’s Square Odds challenge has had us all producing all kinds of odds and ends to display in the blogosphere. Today is the last day, so I’m giving a chance to all those photos I thought I might use .. and didn’t.

Thanks Becky. I’ve had fun finding (square)oddities, and enjoying contributions from bloggers in every continent. Till the next time!

An Oddly Grumpy Tooth Fairy

Blogging challenges

Did you get visits from the Tooth Fairy when you were little and those first teeth fell out? I did, and so did my children … and their children. It turns out that the one who visits our family is an odd wee besom who leaves grumpy notes – tiny ones, written on a piece of paper little larger than a postage stamp – to the children whose teeth she recovers…

For Becky’s Square Odds.