The Eyes Have It

In this week’s Nature Photo Challenge #2, Denzil has us hunting for eyes. That’s a bit tough, isn’t it, photos of eyes?

We’ll go back to last week’s peacock for a bit of help:

And there’s another kind of peacock who can help us: a peacock butterfly.

Here’s another butterfly with eyes to dismay predators: a Gatekeeper.

Since I’ve never been to the Amazonian Rainforest, I’ve never seen an Owl Butterfly in its natural habitat. But they have circled round me at the Butterfly House of London’s Horniman Museum, unnerving me with all those ‘eyes’ they have..

After all these dissembling eyes, it seems only fair to show two real ones. The header photo shows a fallow deer at Knole, Kent, and here is an elephant at Dubare Elephant Camp on the River Cauvery in India.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

48 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It”

      1. Oh yes. They’ve temporarily closed the butterfly house at the Luisenpark in Mannheim because the area is being upgraded and prepared for the national flower show. I hope they will have butterfly house again amonst the attractions.


      1. That’s good to know. And on the Jetpack issues so far it’s pretty glitchy. Every time I reply to a comment it quits! I haven’t tried writing a post with it yet. Actually even the thought of doing that is unappealing. I am a keyboard native and not a smart phone texting type. 😔I feel I am coming closer and closer to calling it a day on the blogging world.

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      2. Jetpack doesn’t seem to have invaded our laptops yet. Has it? Oh, please don’t quit, Agnes. You are a blogger I really appreciate having on the blogosphere for all sorts of reasons. Who am I going to rant with, if not you?


      3. Ah thank you for your encouragement, but I’m coming to the 10 year anniversary for my blog and it feels like a natural time to sign-off. I think it is the overall state of affairs at the moment that is the final straw. I am trying to step back a bit from ALL of it.
        First, they messed with the Instagram algorithm so much that even quite moderate accounts were being lost to their followers let alone little one-offs like mine. Secondly, I have no interest in joining TikTok despite daily emails to my shop advertising their ‘business benefits’. Then Mobile WordPress to Jetpack is not helpful for my shop. And, lastly, for me and not my shop, Musk bought Twitter. I am moving to a different phase of my life where I need to be outside more and away from screens. I will be keeping my online shop running and I might even return to doing ‘in real life’ craft fairs again, but that’s all on hold until I have moved house.

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      4. Though you are just a ‘virtual’ friend, I’d be sorry to lose contact with you completely when you sign off. At least you will have an online presence, albeit more limited. I was never tempted by Twitter, luckily, so the shenanigans there don’t affect me directly.

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      5. Oh, I don’t expect to entirely disappear even if I am no longer posting. I just know the next year trying to sell and move on is going to be very demanding, and I will be away from the virtual world most of the time. Perhaps, when everything has calmed down I will dip back in from time to time and take a read of what everybody’s been up to.


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