Alone Time

I don’t have a problem being alone. As an only child who was often uprooted while growing up, I was used to my own company. Nowadays, though I value family and friends, time to myself is important too. My happiest memories of lockdown are of the Daily Exercise we were permitted, when I’d take myself off to enjoy the differences each day made on familiar daily walks, and discover new tracks and pathways.

Here’s a rather random gallery of landscapes that may meet the needs of the solitary walker. Put on your hiking boots and yes, why not? We’ll go and enjoy them together.

…. and then you could just go off by yourself if you wanted …

For Ann-Christine AKA Leya’s Lens-Artists Challenge #238 Alone Time

The header image is from l’Albufera, near Valencia, Spain, where I had a wonderfully solitary afternoon and evening one November about four years ago.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

64 thoughts on “Alone Time”

  1. Aside from Kiplin Hall, you weren’t in too much danger of meeting people on those walks, Margaret. Love those winding Dales roads and the moorland. Hang on! I’m catching you up.

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      1. To our daughter, near Barcelona. It’s her sister-in-law who’s getting married and we’re so touched to have been invited too.


  2. You are blessed with some beautiful scenery for your walks! I love the winding road, and I see that sheep has made a welcome return appearance 🙂 As for the opening shot, just gorgeous!

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    1. That was one of those experiences I’ll remember for my whole life. Serene and utterly beautiful. And sheep? Well, they’re two a penny round here. That road seems to be going down rather well. It was one ridden in 2014 as part of the Tour, the year that the Tour de France started off in Yorkshire.

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  3. Like many others here I love the winding road. You have some beautiful landscapes to walk in Margaret. I reckon you’d soon leave me behind though as I am always stopping to look in the hedgerows or take a photo. Although I often walk with the OH we are usually lost in our own thoughts.

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  4. Love your selections for this one, Margaret! I really enjoy the peacefulness of your images.
    The winding road is beautifully captured, so are the rest!

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  5. I’d love to walk your countryside, Margaret, it radiates beauty and calm…and on that winding road I’m with the others – love it. If you are as quiet as I am, you might tolerate my company!

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  6. Very frustrated as I tried to post a comment three times but it wouldn’t ‘take’. Here it is again: Agree with you on precious and much-needed alone time…All the photos are gorgeous but my favourite is the one with the reeds by the lake. And the curious sheep!

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  7. WP seems to be fully occupied in changing over to Jetpack. Quite frustrating. Yes, that lakeside is a favourite place. As is that sheep and where she lives.


    1. I bet you appreciated alone-time! And that walked path is, believe it or not, a fully-functioning road for cars, lorries, 4x4s… Not great when you meet someone coming the other way 😉


  8. oh these are wonderful Margaret, and like you thanks to an uprooted childhood (and whilst not an only a child the age gap was such I might has well have been) I am good at being alone – thank goodness I say to myself these days!

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  9. Ah now you know one of the main benefits of walking alone be it rural or urban, inside or out, is that you can pause and take your time to take beautiful photographs and not feel you are delaying companions. Methinks your selection proves my point admirably.

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  10. I’m with you about the importance of ‘alone time’. Your handsome brown cow, above, looks as though he’s separated himself for a bit of ‘quality time’ from the herd!
    How lucky we are to be able to have both – too much of one or the other can be a difficult thing! xx

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