Monday portrait of a young cow

farming, France

This shot was taken in the Corrèze, a rural part of France where the cow is – er – queen. The header photos shows that within living memory, oxen were still used as tractors. This area still has the feel of somewhere that time has forgotten. Happy souvenirs of a wonderful holiday of walking in gentle countryside with the ancient town of Corrèze as our backdrop.

I dedicate this post to Becky, for her Walking Squares, and to Brian of Bushboy’s World, who’s rather fond of cows.

53 thoughts on “Monday portrait of a young cow

  1. What a lovely portrait. It certainly has a distinct geometric feel to it, with the photo being square and the ears of the cow forming a 90 degrees angle with its head (never noticed that with cows before…).

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  2. Ah what a doleful expression you’ve captured. Or, maybe it is just the bovine look we humans love to interpret for ourselves. I hope 6163 was more than just a number perhaps she was a Vivienne, but perhaps not a Buttercup?

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