A portrait of a reservoir

Climate, Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

This year has offered proof after proof that the times they are a changin’. Here, harvesting was started in mid-July, and was all done and dusted for early August. Yet schools and churches will probably continue to hold their traditional Harvest Festivals in late September, early October. Blackberries have withered a whole month early, so the Devil must have been along and spat on them. Autumn-ripening apples are already at their best. And, most worryingly of all, the reservoirs are drying up. Here are some shots of Scar House Reservoir in North Yorkshire. The header photo, and the last one of all were taken two years ago. The rest, only last week.

Scar House Reservoir two years ago.

72 thoughts on “A portrait of a reservoir

  1. Not looking good, Margaret, but I don’t doubt that you’ll be complaining about the rain in the not too distant future. I haven’t been up to ours since we got back but that will be equally worrying. Meanwhile, she says flippantly, I’m off to the beach. Drowning my sorrows!

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  2. That’s a big wow Margaret. Not looking good. Has there been any discoveries like in other places. Lake Mead in the US turned up a few bodies. Other places drowned towns when dams were built.

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  3. So sad to see visual evidence of drying lakes, and hear from blogging friends about the heat waves in The UK. It is happening at a horrifying pace all over the world. It is like time lapse photography, at surreal speed. As I type this, The Holler had it’s hottest day on record yesterday, and California’s multi-year drought is creating fires across the state.

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      1. Here in the west of Ireland it was bit drier that usual summer, though getting wetter again. There are definitely changes in the weather

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    1. The trouble is, however many of us seek to be careful and mindful – and of course this is important – we’re but a drop in the ocean (pun not intended) and real action needs to come from higher up the food chain. Judging by the UK, this isn’t really happening.

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  4. A shame about the blackberries! It’s not been a great year for them. Apple trees down here are groaning, but the fruit I’ve had so far is quite dry. The rainfall situation is worrying, I feel quite helpless in the face of it all. Suppose we’ll all just do our little bit and hope it adds up to something.

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