Five Owls for Five Monday Portraits

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It was the first Agricultural Show of the season yesterday. A great day out for the farming community, and for all the rest of us, who can admire cattle, calves, sheep, horses, shire horses, donkeys all being judged on who knows what esoteric criteria. Tractors, machinery, country crafts and produce … and in among all that, a Birds of Prey display. I picked some owls to showcase for you today, particularly this Northern Pygmy Owl. He’s barely the size of a blackbird.

The Indian Skops Owl is hardly any bigger:

But the other three are much the size you might expect, being pretty much Barn Owl size:

I’ll probably bring you all the fun of the Agricultural Fair another week. As crops are gathered in, and young animals grow less dependent on their mothers, the season starts in earnest.

42 thoughts on “Five Owls for Five Monday Portraits

      1. I also like hearing them at night, but haven’t heard any here, but then the nearest woodland is about a mile away downhill.


  1. I loved attending agricultural events and meeting up with all the people involved within the farming community, Margaret. I especially enjoyed meeting the young people who were just starting out their “farming journey” through 4-H clubs. Your photos always tell a story that entices me to envision myself standing by your side.

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