Street Art in Thessaloniki

Well, Thessaloniki has a long and distinguished ancient history taking in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman civilisations. And what do I show you first? Street art – and one graffito. From the sublime …

For Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge

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46 thoughts on “Street Art in Thessaloniki”

  1. Love the lady with her phoenix on the side of the high rise- the building makes quite the canvas.


  2. There is beauty and art everywhere, we just have to be looking. Love the rocket ship being moved by the sea..enjoy your day. Homeward bound for a week, the back to the lake and the blue space. Peace.


  3. Hi Margaret, I agree with most of your readers about the lady with her hat. I’ve been thinking recently about the artwork on that grand scale and how difficult it must be to do. I’d be scared to death painting up that high. You couldn’t step back to inspect your work. You couldn’t ask someone else unless you had your phone. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. Whew. Thanks for joining in this week. I enjoyed it so much.

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      1. Amen to that! Art has to be from the heart because most of it is very time intensive. It’s like writing – which is an art, of course. But it takes so much more time to write than to read it.


  4. The girl and phoenix street art is powerful and evocative and I read it is a work on the theme of violence against women. The artists have certainly used the soaring height of the building to great effect.

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  5. Different styles – love the phoenix. I know what you mean about not catching the whole picture. I can never understand how they do these paintings in difficult positions and all. Skilled!

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