A lake – a view – a sky


Last month, I introduced Lake Prespa, which has shores in Albania, North Macedonia and Greece. I told various tales, and there are more to come. But I haven’t given you the chance simply to enjoy it, as we did, in the early morning and evening, as the sun arrived and departed.

Most of these photos were taken on or near the island of Agios Achillios.

For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

… and Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky

43 thoughts on “A lake – a view – a sky

      1. Birdsong is a part of the quiet for me. I read recently how nightingale numbers are falling dramatically. What a privilege to have enjoyed their song as you did. An orchestra of nightingales!

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  1. Beautiful. My favourite is the second with the hills. You’ve made it look as if you can walk/jump along to the hilly island, although I dare say you would have to be a giant in real life.

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