Love your local library in Catalunya

Last time I took you to a library, it was a rainy day. During our month away, we had just one day of rain – more like a couple of hours – when we were staying with Emily and family in Premià de Mar. She was at work. Miquel was at work. Anaïs was at nursery. Reader, we went to the library.

We found plenty to do. There was the display of children’s books about the sea. And another one of graphic fiction.

There was the stock of English books. Lots for learners – quite impressive. The English language fiction was less so, though it was better than our library’s collection of Spanish books (and we have none in Catalan, unsurprisingly).

With everyone at school, the children’s library was empty. But there was a dedicated room for the youngest borrowers, so they could make all the noise they wanted during story-time sessions. There was a lecture hall, a roof-top performance space. In fact we were impressed.

And as we left, we spotted this poster in Catalan. Go on. Have a go. If you’ve ever learnt any French, or Italian or Spanish for that matter, I think this piece will be accessible to you. And you won’t have trouble agreeing with its sentiments.

For Rebecca’s Love your Library, a monthly challenge for … of course, library-lovers.

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22 thoughts on “Love your local library in Catalunya”

  1. Fantastic! It looks like a bright, clean, well-organized space with lots to attract people. I could pick out “open your horizons” and “Read to divert and inform yourself”. Hear, hear!

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      1. The children’s section at the library in the institute where my parents taught was done up cheerfully as well, coloured carpets and cushions and things. I was thrilled to see the same bright and friendly atmosphere at a law school library years later which I thought would be do inviting to students even at that stage. The one where I studied was more traditional.

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  2. Bonjour, Merci de cesser de me faire parvenir vos mails qui ne m’interessent pas…. Cordialement


    1. En fait, je n’arrive pas ni à inscrire, ni à désabonner les gens qui s’abonnent à mon blog. C’est eux-mêmes qui doivent le faire. Désolée! Cordialement.


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