Postcards from Cosmo Caixa Barcelona

Today we went to Cosmo Caixa. It is, quite simply the best science museum we have ever been to. Interactive, engaging, visually stimulating, informative. Even Anaïs, at 16 months old was kept interested.

I’m sending you some postcards with no attempt to explain anything,but in hopes that one day, you to will have the chance to visit.

A well earned drink and ice cream at the end.

And that’s it… tomorrow night we’ll be in England, and on Tuesday, home. It’s been quite an adventure. We’re not really ready for it to end …

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34 thoughts on “Postcards from Cosmo Caixa Barcelona”

  1. Of the sad words said by man, the saddest must be “I wanted to go, but I had no time.” I’m not sad about spending time on Miro and Gaudi (and Mies van der Rohe) in Barcelona. I’m sad that I didn’t keep another day or so in the city.

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    1. It makes little of its banking origins. They’ve obviously invested hugely in this museum, which is innovative without being gimmicky. We’ll be back.

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    1. The journey did not go to plan (two very delayed trains and a lost purse), and though it’s good to be home, what has happened to the weather? I’ve unearthed all my winter clothes.

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      1. Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that. The news seems full of stranded tourists and cancelled holidays, so I had wondered, but the purse is an added annoyance.

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  2. A place I would have loved to visit, Margaret – thank you for taking me! And the best thing is when a little child shows its joy and smiles for it!

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