On the Eleventh Day of Christmas …

I only planned to tell you about the tenth day of Christmas, but Susan of London Senior took the view that I’d started, so I ought to finish too. So here we go: it’s a little rude, but don’t blame me …

If you visit Catalonia at Christmas time and take a look at any crib scene, there at the back, somewhere behind the infant Jesus will be a figurine – a caganer – squatting down doing A Big Job, a Number Two: choose your own euphemism. The message seems to be that we are all sisters and brothers under the skin: mighty or humble, rich or poor, old or young, we all have the same kinds of body – and bodily functions, so get over yourself and don’t give yourself airs and graces. All are Equal in the Sight of God.

These photos were taken a few years ago. The roll call of Those in Charge seems to have changed a bit – can you spot Gordon Brown here? But you’ll see someone you recognise, I’m sure.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Eleven sh***ing caganers …

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26 thoughts on “On the Eleventh Day of Christmas …”

  1. Now, come on us Brits with a reputation in some quarters for scatological humour, why don’t we do this? Currently we have a fine crop of politicians ripe for display.

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  2. Haha, good to see them poking fun at politicians etc like this, and actually the point made is a good one – whatever heights we rise to, we’re all basically the same 😀


  3. Oh, I do love these – remind me of Christmas in Spain. I have really missed not seeing the giant cribs in Barcelona, and always finding a caganer lurking somewhere in the scene.

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