A morning walk with the rangers at Studley Royal

It’s 7.45. Here’s the sunrise on our way to Studley Royal.

And having met the rangers and our fellow walkers – volunteers on the site, here’s who we’d come to see.

Red deer, but ancient trees too. Cherry trees aren’t meant to last 400 years, but somehow this one is clinging on. Whereas the oak nearby is thought to be more than 800 years old, and dating from the days when the monastic community was at its height in nearby Fountains Abbey.

Come with us as we walk past the entrance to the park, framing the view down towards Ripon Cathedral, before we climb uphill to less frequented parts of the parkland, where deer usually roam free and we could enjoy open views across to Ripon and the North York Moors beyond.

And by 10.00, the rest of the day’s our own.

For Jo’s Monday Walk, because I know Jo would love this walk too.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

44 thoughts on “A morning walk with the rangers at Studley Royal”

  1. We intended to visit Studley Royal when in Ripon last year but ran out of time. We may be back next year and if so it will be high on the to-do list! I love seeing the deer and that shot of the gate framing the cathedral is really great 🙂

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    1. You really need to allow time to range freely over Studley Royal and not just stick to the paths most trodden. And fit in a visit to Fountains Abbey of course. And Brimham Rocks …

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  2. So many pleasures here. It’s especially lovely to see the deer and the old oak. Fruit trees would have much longer lives if humans were not around to judge how productive they ought to be, although some of those branches look low enough for deer to be eating the leaves if they took a fancy to them.

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  3. What a fabulous place to get lost in your thoughts, or nature, or both. I am off school for a few days and plan to step out after clearing leaves and decorating the house today. Stay well. I am thankful. Peace.


  4. And what a wonderful early morning walk it was too! That shot of the gate framing the cathedral is really fabulous and those deer! Last time I saw deer like that was in Attingham Park in Shrewsbury on a winter’s day – must have been January time though as the snowdrops were out. There is something really nice about wandering these parklands in the winter.

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