Twisted and Squiggly

Half term looms. Which means bloggers too need a little down time, and I shan’t be around next week. So here’s a simple post, with just a few twists and loops for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge, which is this week – Twisted or Wiggly.

The header photo comes from just above Reeth, North Yorkshire. The one below shows a just-harvested field, complete with twisted and wiggly tyre marks, with just-about-to-migrate swallows assembled on the power lines.

Now three shots from Seoul, South Korea: scenes from a rubber band shop (yes, really) a string shop (yes, really) and street electric cables (yes, really).

Finally, a scene from the garden this past winter .. a Past Square for Becky

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

42 thoughts on “Twisted and Squiggly”

  1. what a squiggly collection – bemused by the rubber band shop!!

    Hope you have a fabulous half term, and fingers crossed you get to see Little Amal. I am going into my own personal lockdown after breakfast today, we want to make sure no risk of catching anything before the flight next week. The numbers are scary round us, plus I have yet to start packing!

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    1. We have concrete plans to visit not-so-Little Amal. Good plan on the personal lockdown: things are pretty hot here too, Covid- wise. I’m wondering what un-locked down activity you’re doing before breakfast! Happy packing, and Boa Viagem.

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      1. oh that’s fantastic news, take lots and lots of photos!!

        Breakfast is delayed as it is brekkie with a a friend I am going out for 🙂 found a fabulous cafe in a big airy barn a short drive way. Last time we met there we had both had breakfast already, so this time we thought we’d go for breakfast as the menu looks so good 😀

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    1. Yes indeed. Full on family stuff, so sadly, I don’t think we could catch up together this time. Maybe next? It’s so long since I’ve been to London – in fact that time when I met you and Sue might have been the last one.


  2. Absolutely love the Header, Margaret! Years since I was in Reeth. Happy half-term! Off to see the London lot? We have an airport run this morning and I’m super excited.

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    1. To be fair it was an area of wholesalers. But there were loads of shops of each type – not just one rubber band or string shop. Also things like cardboard box shops, electric wire shops …


  3. My family time has been this week and I would agree that ‘relaxing’ isn’t quite the word. But pure joy just the same. Enjoy next week! Return to blogging for a rest afterwards 😊

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  4. Yes to finding the unusual. I could work in a Rubber Band Shop. I was always amazes at the electrical connection to buildings in Europe – quite scary for me that’s for sure

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  5. Hope you have an enjoyably busy time in London with your family. I expect you’ll be out visiting interesting places with William and Co, but I bet that won’t include a Rubber Band shop. Last square photo is a beauty.

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  6. Lovely to see the Reeth area featured – wonderful landscapes there! And I love the photos of the Korean rubber band and string shops 😆

    Have a super week in London with the family! You’ll find it still a bit quieter than usual but I suspect this half-term will make it rather less so!!

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  7. That’s a lovely landscape. I really need to get us to Yorkshire next year! Enjoy your London trip. I hemmed and hawed about going to Surrey, but I’m not keen on driving at this time of the year when it gets dark so early. I think I am fast becoming a recluse!

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