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Just before winter kicks in and we all hunker down, let’s have a trip to the shops, and spot a few windows.

Are there enough windows here for you, in the featured photo, at the entrance to one of South Korea’s bigger shopping complexes? Once we’ve looked round, it’ll be time for a coffee: who knew that Starbucks had spread its reach so far? Not that we actually went inside here – independent coffee shops for us, every time.

Gyeongju, South Korea

Let’s come back to England now, and stay local, in Ripon. We’ll pop into our favourite bakery, then saunter along to the pie shop. In both cases, reflections will offer us views of the street too.

Let’s go to Kirkgate, and more independent shops: You’ll get a mood-improving slogan at Karma, and if you’re lucky, live music to cheer you along.

A few miles away is Pateley Bridge. I wonder if the shops there still have the displays they had when the Tour de Yorkshire was in town?

We’ll finish off by going to Harrogate. From behind other shop windows, we can get a snapshot of Starlings, the bar where we could finish our day with a drink and a very tasty pizza.

Starlings, Cambridge Street, Harrogate.

Thanks for coming along!

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42 thoughts on “Window Shopping”

  1. Really interesting to see the colours of the window frames too – I think the colour of a front door, or in a shop’s case, the window frame, says quite a bit about them! I love the colour coordination outside the Pateley Bridge shop, to celebrate the Tour de Yorkshire!

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      1. Interesting – I think that’s the case in many places. Sometimes with front doors on estates, too; even if the homes are freehold owned. Trying to keep the environment ‘tasteful’!! Returning to the shops, though, I think the colours of the flower shop and discount shop look much more old fashioned than the others – it may just be the way the colours appear on screen, or it could be that they’re more traditional stores..!


      1. Oh, wasn’t that a great time to be in Harrogate? We had such a brilliant time, and managed to dodge the worst of the crowds by not being there for the race itself, which we watched instead from our garden!

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  2. Years since I’ve been to Ripon. Fond memories but I can’t remember our coffee shop. In Harrogate we found a lovely one with sculptures and a tiny garden down a side street. Can’t remember it’s name 🙄💕

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    1. Both towns are now coffee-shop-central. I can’t identify your Harrogate gem. I guess it may not exist. Our current favourite in Harrogate is Lago di Como, run by a delightful Italian family.


  3. Thanks for my Virtual visit! Yonks since I visited Harrogate and Ripon, and even more yonks since Pately Bridge….aah, nostalgia


  4. Like you we avoid Starbucks at all times, both at home and away! We love visiting independent coffee shops but I don’t think we really struck gold in Ripon – I should have asked you for a recommendation 😀 But I did discover Karma and had a wonderful mooch there. The scent of incense took me back to my teens, although I managed to resist buying anything. Maybe next time …


    1. Oh no! There are a few gems. A good traditional one is but a few steps from Karma, Chimes. You might have liked Realitea, run by an Indian woman and her British husband. Aside from the usual fare, she does fabulous Indian snack food, as well as British Raj style afternoon teas. There are other places too, so be sure to ask next time.


  5. Some of these shops look like they are from a bygone era. Really nice and cosy. I am one of these terrible people who buys everything on the internet, so I rarely go to any shops these days.

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