A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – Five

Blogging challenges, Catalonia, Spain

I told you about the railway line in Premià de Mar the other day. Nowadays, a number of underpasses beneath the road and railway link the town to its beaches. And quite a few of them are painted with scenes of the town, and with life above and below the surface of the ocean.

Palm trees march along portions of the shoreline, so let’s begin with an image of one from an underpass:

And here’s the main square, with the parish church of Sant Cristofol.

There’s more street art, some of it more interesting, in the streets above. I’ll save those for later.


42 thoughts on “A History of a Holiday in Fifteen Trees – Five

  1. Is it just me or are the graffiti folk more artistic in Spain than here. They appear to have blended their tags with the painted murals or have you cleverly cropped your photos to exclude the more jarring? 😄 Just wondering.

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  2. Great murals in the underpass. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Margaret and I look forward to see more of your mural finds.


      1. Just hung a small load of washing out and I am dripping! Stood in the shade too. I’m tempted to go for a swim, but can’t face the hassle of parking or the crowds.

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  3. Wonderful! You start simply and then just go on! Almost missed this, again! When did I ever have enough time for blogging? Life has gotten complex in the last week or so. Not yet pulling my hair out, but maybe soon!


    1. Some of them do a bit. But I think they’ve been there many a long year, and some of them may not last much longer. They’re fun while they’re there though.


  4. Somehow I missed seeing the posts in this series so catching up now – backwards! These murals are fabulous 🙂 You should share them to Marsha and Cee’s new Photographing Public Art challenge too!!

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  5. I love it when someone does murals of the local area – and a great way to decorate the tunnel. Why do we always have to send our people below ground rather than up and over with the views 😦


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