Mere shadows of themselves ….

Blogging challenges

Poor old window. Poor old washing line. They each wanted their five minutes of fame as a Monday Window, and as a Monday Washing Line. And instead their shadows grab the limelight.

If you want to know why the window seems a bit curvy, that’s because the wall it’s projected on is pretty old. Vestiges remain from the days when it was first built, in the 15th century, for lay brothers from Fountains Abbey who lived and farmed here.

29 thoughts on “Mere shadows of themselves ….

      1. Well you know we do see an awful lot of images these days don’t we and it is a pleasure when one pops up that’s a little different and worth a thoughtful comment. 😁

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  1. I like both these shots so am not inclined to feel sorry for the washing line or the window. I’m sure they are basking in their shadows’ reflected glory…. er, unreflected glory?


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