57 thoughts on “Bright enough for you?

  1. He looks to have fallen asleep! I see folk here sitting on the beach and reading, can’t do it myself. I have tried, I even have those folding chairs in the boot of the car, but I just have to keep getting up and looking around me. I can sit in my garden and read a book but not by the beach.

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  2. Honestly, I know this will sound ultra weird, but I was looking at guest houses in Filey yesterday afternoon. I have been once long ago and thought maybe next year I might try an off-season visit as this year all booked up as you might have guessed. I feel as though your post is a signal to make it so. (I was also looking at Whitby and Bridlington too so not entirely weird!)

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  3. My back would be screaming out loud after 15 minutes in those upright chairs Margaret! Here in the U.S. one would never see what we call a “lawn chair” on the beach. Seems the person on the left however is not only comfortable but may even be dozing off! Lovely, serene image.

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