Wrap up warmly … and enjoy

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On Friday it snowed. All day. All night, the temperature was -5, and all Saturday it got no higher up than zero. Which was fine, because the snow has been, as it was for King Wenceslas, ‘deep and crisp and even’, and perfect for walking in so long as you were all muffled up, with your best boots on.

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69 thoughts on “Wrap up warmly … and enjoy

  1. New boots for Christmas? 🙂 🙂 It does look beautiful! Amazed that it was knee deep in Harrogate and the north east but none in Leeds. Small boy and sledge… 😦


      1. The weather is getting pretty warm down here. Hopefully we won’t have that massive bushfires again this year like what we had last year. Have a good week my friend.

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  2. I love this Winter Wonderland series, we don’t get to see here at all. The last image is beautifully captured, perfect composition and beautiful sunlight and shadows. Thank you for the post, Margaret!

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  3. There is something so ethereal about pure snow and the landscape. It looks clean and washed and bright. I love your header photo with the sheep, I was trying to get photos of new-born lambs yesterday. And the photo of the pond(?) with that light is sublime. And although I love your images I don’t want any snow here. Icy lanes are bad enough.


    1. Oh, yes, that pond is our landlord’s. So it’s part of our patch and yes, it looked good yesterday. As to the snow. I loved it yesterday. Today is slushy and icy at the same time. Not so good.

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