43 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Weren’t we the luckiest ever with this autumn? The leaves (those not dried up in the summer) stayed put on their trees for the longest time, they enchanted us with spectacular colours, and the dry weather kept them freshly rustling under our feet for such a long time. We ‘must’ see and accept every joyful moment we can get – and thus we’ll make it through (hopefully) these dire times.


      1. Both, I always was very observant of nature things but of course we DO have more time for those things now. I for one haven’t been back to our house (unsold – thanks to the pandemic and buyers’ feelings) since ‘forever’ and having employed gardeners to do the leaf raking frees me for enjoying nature in a more ‘passive’ way.

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      2. I know – I HAD to take a philosophical approach – I just can’t be worrying about it any more, it’s a joy killer of the 1st degree. But it’s also the financial loss – we haven’t got a bean and the house is now going for very little more than HALF of what we paid AND our very heavy investments. It also seems that ppl not only are deeply afraid to commit to anything, the banks are unwilling to lend the money as jobs are more uncertain than ever, family situations evolve in mostly bad ways (from what we heard)… all things we have no influence on whatsoever.

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      3. Yes, it’s tough. My daughter’s been through a similar story in Spain, though in fact they HAVE now sold. It WILL go, eventually – but I know how little consolation that is. Difficult times.

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    1. What was I thinking???? Lovely photos, as always. I enjoy your posts especially those of older homes. Thank you. It has been an amazing autumn on this side of the Atlantic as well. I skipped yard work and raking this past weekend and it looks that I’ll be raking in the rain this weekend. Maybe I can talk myself out of it and wait until the rain stops… stay well and patient. Peace.

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      1. You do that. Yes, it has been a wonderful autumn – or maybe we’ve just noticed it more, being more contained at home. I’d definitely wait till the rain stops before I’d get on with raking though. Either way, have a good weekend … when it comes

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  2. The Copper Beech trees seem to hang on to their leaves the longest. I drive through some on the way to the supermarket, but nowhere to pull over for a shot. You have framed this beautifully.

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      1. I felt the same, Margaret. It should give you scope to change the tiles around at least, but it’s a very rigid format. And you can’t even open it up like a gallery. Rubbish, really! 🙂 🙂


      2. I find that darned annoying! I tried 3 or 4 times to adjust the set up so it wouldn’t crop, but gave up and used the whole photo as a single image in the end. These know-it-all WP designers! 😦


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