A Sunset Symphony

Blogging challenges, Spain

Was it really in January this year that we were in Cádiz? It feels like another era, but one I can summon up in my head by remembering the glory of the sunsets we saw there. You’ll have seen at least some of these photos before, but this is your Virtual Holiday for the week. I’m presenting them to Jude for her Photo Challenge this week, and to Becky – well, one of them anyway – for her October Squares. How kind of me to share!

2020 Photo Challenge #41

#Kinda Square

39 thoughts on “A Sunset Symphony

  1. Such lovely colours. Just goes to show that every sunset is different. Love the first image, thank you for the virtual stroll along the beach. And that amazing sun falling into the sea!

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  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing again
    We’re just returning from our rather wet but enjoyable walk from Spofforth, followed by a lovely meal at the Castle Inn.

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  3. They’re all beautiful. I seem to recall Kant had something to say about beauty and sunsets, but the question here is are your photos particularly beautiful as they all feature water?


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