50 thoughts on “My Yoga Window

  1. Wonderful – it is a much needed form of self kindness.

    My pilates centre is balancing in person and zoom at the moment, and I was enjoying the zoom one. Kept me sane during lockdown, but now my teacher has gone on long term leave and it isn’t working for me with the alternatives 😦 so I am back to my Portuguese approach of doing it alone.

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      1. awww you are so good. You’re going to be my inspiration to start doing the same – manage it in Portugal but here I am far too lazy and body and mind are complaining now!

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      2. I the end, that’s how I had to d it. Apart from getting washed, I simply don’t allow myself to start the day in other ways till I’ve done my Daily Dozen. If I don’t do it then, it simply doesn’t happen. And it’s a short session. I do it because I know the alternative is stiffening up too much.

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  2. A lovely view, I’ve had an on and off thing with yoga and pilates for years. I should probably find my way back to it, its does do me good. I did see a You Tube video about goat yoga and that looked great fun!


  3. Neat photo. So with your hands at your sides I can only guess that you held the camera in your teeth and used your tongue to trip the shutter. Quite a feat! Thank you for all that effort!

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