44 thoughts on “It’s Greylag Goose Time Round Here

      1. Ah-ha! Next time I might get it right. The Friday session was useful then. 🙂 🙂 When himself leaps out of bed we’ll see, but I need to be back for a certain tennis player who shall be nameless.

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  1. Looking at this in the WP app on my phone all I see are two separate photos, but I imagine you have used the slider block image? A shame all the clever tricks haven’t been thoroughly tested on all platforms.

    And I prefer the original image, but I stay away from geese, they are prone to attack!

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    1. They are. And I’m annoyed that by the time it reached your phone it wasn’t working properly, because it was when I previewed it. The thing I can’t sort is blog titles, which are frequently cut on the phone.


      1. It’s OK on the browser on my phone, as are sideshows, but they don’t work on the WP app either. You would think they’d check these out.


  2. I love the first image best, Margaret. I haven’t started using the block editor yet though I expect it will be imposed on us all shortly. WP are slowly getting rid of the glitches and problems after all the complaints when Gutenberg first appeared. Perhaps when I start using it it will be problem free? Hmmm……

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    1. I decided I’d better be up to speed before it was suddenly dropped on us. I was very anti indeed, but do you know what? It’s not too bad. Try a mock post or two and see how you get on.

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  3. at last something that’s simple for me to answer – the first! I’m very impressed with the slidey thing I can operate over the pic on this page – remains me of those postwar toys that came back gradually but which were wondrous to my eyes – I’m thinking of a slidey thing that eliminated what you’d just written in chalk on a miniature blackboard. Great pic of a protesting goose. Hope your zoom lens enabled you to keep your distance to take it!


  4. I think I am in the majority with this one and like the brighter one too. Maybe that’s to do with our expectations of how certain subject matter is portrayed. Of course, challenging tradition is often the point/place for art!


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