Flowers for the Queen of Squares

These flowers are for Becky, indefatigable host of Square Perspectives.  She has encouraged us to look for an astonishing range of perspectives over the last month, and to share our findings with contributors in every continent.  Thank you, Becky.

Normal service will be resumed in August.  Whatever ‘normal’ means these days. The flowers will bash on regardless.

48 thoughts on “Flowers for the Queen of Squares”

      1. Oh. I’ve had a few ‘likes’ already, and looking ‘under the bonnet’, I can’t find a way of either enabling or disabling likes. Puzzled now.


  1. She deserves a bunch of flowers that’s for sure! And no like on this post. Have you checked the Screen options (top right) on your post in edit mode (using the classic editor) that Likes and Shares are ticked? Also ticked at the end of the post – you might need to scroll right down to the bottom. Though why it should disappear on one post I don’t know!


    1. Jude, I’m utterly mystified. I’ve spent some time ‘under the bonnet’, and all the things you suggest are as they should be. I’ve also received quite a few ‘likes’ on the post, though they don’t show, and others, like you, have pointed out they can’t do so. I can’t imagine what to do next, but thanks for trying.

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  2. A lovely palette of colours and the light is just right to suggest that Old Master effect.
    Btw, there is no like button when in the actual post, but I could click on the tally of likes on the preceding page

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      1. I imagine it might depend on the browser you’re using and if you visit on the site itself or the in Reader. Today’s post was fine, I think, assuming I liked it! I was catching up reading this one, so was on your site using Safari. Often that doesn’t work at all, no matter what the site, but at least I can comment.

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      2. This discussion is largely above my pay grade, but I know that as far as the writer of the post was concerned – me – there was no ‘like’ button, and I had ticked all the relevant boxes. Thank you for commenting though!

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