A Grey Day? Or Perhaps Not.

I chose Tuesday as a day to record the changing conditions outside the kitchen window from sunrise to sunset, for Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge in which she invites us to observe a single view throughout the day.  As the day wore on, I wondered why I’d bothered.  It was a dull, somewhat gloomy day.  Just grey and rather cold, nearly all day.  But when I downloaded the pictures and looked at them, I discovered far more had been going on than I had realised.  You take a look too.

5.40 a.m.

A favourite?  Maybe 8.00 in the evening.  The weather’s picked up and the light has softened as the evening draws in.  And finally, I’ll show you some of the lilac that features in every shot.

# 2020 Photo Challenge 19: Light.

You asked for 6 photos, Jude.  Sorry, you’ve got ten.  Plus one.

44 thoughts on “A Grey Day? Or Perhaps Not.”

  1. For me it’s the 5.40 and the promise that the day holds. 🙂 🙂 Lovely lilac! I could offer a huge range of clouds and changing skies this week, but as you know I’m out for tea.

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      1. I have friends in Bognor Regis who jaunted off to Chichester the second permission was given to go outside your home patch. The photos showed half the people there wearing masks. I can’t see much fun in that 😕

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  2. That first one for me too – love the sun rising behind the trees. Funnily enough, I’ve been looking at the horizon which I see from the sofa each evening and thinking how interesting it would be to record a series of photos of the same view. Not across a single day but at a similarly time each day. If I could just muster the discipline…

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    1. I did a photo a a day at breakfast time last month to show the emergence of tree leaves. It was surprisingly disappointing – I won’t be publishing the results. I chose trees that didn’t embrace spring quickly enough 😦

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      1. What is there not to understand? I needed to make sure I took the shots from the same place, so put a small mark on the windowsill. Soooo professional. Not.


  3. You have a lovely view! That lilac! I like the 10 am shot (my favourite time of day…) because of the sunlight on the lilacs and then the 2 pm shot when the sky has clouded over but the flowers still pop out at you. But to be honest just watching the changing sky is so very interesting. Thanks for joining me!

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    1. It was a fun thing to do, and I chose can view that would enable me to take the same shot easily. I went out today and did some ‘to be cropped’ shots and my camera – or is it the computer? won’t download them. Grrr.


      1. Not this time I think. I had one a while back and it didn’t show the photos. This time, I can see the thumbnails on screen. Mystified.


  4. WOW. Lovely photos, especially the lilacs. I am sure they smell heavenly. Your foliage much further along than ours – despite that you are a higher latitude. I am at 44 38′ 52″ N. It’s that warm current that makes a difference.

    I have been watching the lake and had thought about doing something similar, but I haven’t been disciplined enough to take photos on the hour. This morning, the lake was shrouded in fog and now it is burning off… it is starting to look like an amazing day. Stratus clouds are slowly being replaced by cumulus. It’s gonna be a great day. Hope yours is too!

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    1. It was a lovely day: Quite breezy but sunny. Shattered now as I did a nearly nine mile walk, rather too quickly for comfort. Hope your day panned out well.


  5. I’m with you Margaret. I’m also jealous of the lilac. We have a lovely small variety which perfumes the garden but the wet winter and spring has all but killed it.

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    1. Oh no! Yet ours seems particularly magnificent this year, and to be lasting longer. We should have been away this week. I’m so glad we weren’t. Lilac-watching was a better option.


  6. How interesting to see how dynamic the clouds are and the light is – and to see how long your daylight hours are! Here the days are getting shorter of course but even in our summer the darkness has set in by around 7 p.m.

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