A Weekend of Simple Pleasures

Three days. Three days to build memories and new connections. Ellie’s partner Ed has three children, and the two youngest made an instant Gang of Three with William, sharing a bedroom and every waking moment together. Adults and older children mucked in and just had fun.

There was a snag, and it was a big one. Poor Ben woke up on Friday with tonsillitis, had to see s doctor for drugs and advice, and vanished to his room to feel rotten for two whole days. Day three had him making up for lost time.

We spent lots of time sharing meals.

Aside from that there were praying mantises to admire…

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Praying mantis

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….. new foods to discover…

…. traditional Catalan dancing to enjoy…..

….. and charming mediaeval townships to mooch through….

It was a fine weekend.

28 thoughts on “A Weekend of Simple Pleasures”

    1. We did. And of course as daughter Emily lives in Barcelona, we’re lucky enough to visit that part of the world pretty often. Though not usually with the entire family in tow.


  1. Brilliant, just brilliant! I too have pics with kids leaning into a large slice of water melon, one of the greatest food gifts to mankind….. so enjoyable! The photo with the two boys observing a praying mantis, prizeless! And sitting together with much good food and wine, children and friends – the best(est) present we can give and receive.
    I am happy to hear that Malcolm is on his feet again, and that Ben got quickly better too. You did well, having a daughter with a Spaniard husband 🙂

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