Beach patterns

I could take a walk on the beach every morning of my life.

We’ve just come back from four days in Northumberland, staying in the coastal town of Alnmouth.  Each morning before breakfast, I’d walk down to the sands to be both stimulated and calmed by the dragging, pulsing action of the sea.

There was the patterning of the sands to enjoy.  Those banks of undulations extending as far as I could see.  The designs etched in different coloured sands upon the newly-flattened beach.  Shadows and reflections in shallow pools.  The changing colours of the sea and sky towards the horizon.

Other beach lovers walked in contemplative silence too.  Their dogs preferred to celebrate the long, wide space, and simply ran and ran.

Todays Ragtag Challenge is ‘Patterns’.

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33 thoughts on “Beach patterns”

  1. Beautiful photos! And what a nice holiday this must’ve been. It’s funny–I live right on a large lake, with water just outside my door, really, but there is something different about the sea and an endless beach–so appealing!

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  2. Oh yes. A lake is a fine thing. But the sea air, the effect of the tides, and the utter endlessness which even the largest lake can’t offer is an even better thing.


  3. Your get a way looks wonderful. The photos are gorgeous and captured the beauty of the patterns of the ocean perfectly. I am coastal but to a ‘sound’ and it is much different.


  4. Lucky, lucky you. You’ve caught the essence of those flat beaches and open coastline beautifully. It is a truly lovely part of our country isn’t it? Great area for gentle, restorative walks with good weather. We almost moved up to Berwick area, actually put an offer in on a place in Wooler (came to nothing) and quite fancied running a B&B in Seahouses.

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      1. Yes, from Seahouses on the coastal road up to Bamburgh. We saw several properties with views directly out to sea. I think these days I’d be scared of the North Sea especially with winter storms.

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  5. I don’t miss much about England, but the beach at Old Hunstanton is one of them. Your beautiful photographs reminded me of the quiet beach and a calm sea like pewter. Thank you

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    1. What a lovely way to put it – sea like pewter. Yes, we too were a long way from the sea in France – lakes just aren’t the same – and that was something I too missed.


  6. Now, that’s MY kind of post….. Love it all, patterns, shells, water and waves, have fondest memories of footprints of children, dogs, birds and crawlies – love the smell of the salty air, the fact that I didn’t have one single day of ‘hay fever and allergies’ during my whole time at Devon’s shores – I’m getting all nostalgic! Thank You.

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