Happy New Year!

I didn’t intend to post this evening, but the sunset, even though I couldn’t actually see the sun, seemed cheerful and optimistic despite the whisps of forbidding grey which kept on drifting across the pastel pinks .  This is England after all.  This is our weather.  And our current state of mind. 

I whipped out my phone to record the clouds.    It seemed a good opportunity to wish you all a happy new year, wherever you are.

Goodbye 2018.  We’re driving off and forward to 2019.

23 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. A happy and prosperous New Year to you and your followers from Laroque d’Olmes, where we are having a bon reveillon
    with our girls and their partners.

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    1. Wonderful. We’d been invited to friends in LdO too, but it got a bit complicated with being off to Barcelona imminently to see Emily. Hope you all had a great night, and will have a happy new year.


  2. I like that car reflection one the best! Isn’t it fun, how we can always find metaphors in the sky? I’ve enjoyed meandering through 2018 with you, Margaret. I hope 2019 finds our countries making good decisions and getting back on track so we can relax . . .

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