Ragtag Tuesday: Blue light

If you saw my post at the weekend, you’ll know my head and my heart are just in one place: thinking of little Zoë, one week old today and doing well: her mum has been allowed home, so that’s one milestone.  Luckily the hospital is a walkable distance from the family home, so that’s all good.

The Ragtag Challenge word today is ‘blue’.  So this gives me a chance to show you William visiting his new little sister as she experiences life under an UV lamp: all good for clearing up the jaundice that many little babies seem to experience shortly after birth.

William watches Zoë.

And here’s the blue knitted octopus that the nurses gave her to clutch at, as she waves those little arms about. 

She’s doing well, so far.  29 weeks in the making, and she even has some hair.

31 thoughts on “Ragtag Tuesday: Blue light”

  1. Oh, sweet William–how your life is changing! That photo of the two kids is so sweet. I can’t believe how tiny Zoë is. What is the next milestone you’re awaiting, in her development?

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  2. There is nothing more beautiful than a newborn baby, or the mother of a newborn baby. I can close my eyes and remember holding each of my children moments after their birth. There is an indescribable glow about them. Prayers for Zoe and her entire family. Keep us posted, please.

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