Snapshot Saturday: an unlikely pie

We’d never heard of Coniston Pie before. Best head over that way then, and find out all about it.

Coniston’s a tiny village in North Yorkshire, wedged into the glorious limestone scenery between Kettlewell and Grassington. We couldn’t go there without exploring a bit and working up an appetite for that pie.

The rocky path lies between those two trees.

We began with a bit of a scramble, a bit of a climb before hitting a steadily climbing path leading us upwards between dry stone walls and statuesque and wind-shaped trees. Sheep were our constant companions as we continued to plod ever upwards, 1000 feet in all.

Wind-stunted trees tucked behind dry stone walls.
Sheep. Always sheep.

We rested at the top. We had a snack (just a biscuit, no pie for us), before taking the winding turfy track downwards towards the valley bottom, then turning sharp left to join the Dales Way back to Coniston.

Our view as we trecked downwards.

And that’s when we saw it. Coniston Pie. It’s not hearty fare to be tucked into after a hard day’s lambing apparently, but this: the view the shepherd sees as he does his daily round.

Coniston Pie.
Coniston Pie.

Still, it does look exactly like a pie, filled with good things and topped off with a thick pastry crust, doesn’t it?

This week’s WordPress challenge asks us to post something unlikely.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

26 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: an unlikely pie”

  1. Beautiful rugged landscape the Yorkshire dales Margaret. Dying to get back up North and take pictures. I have a dream of walking along Hadrian’s wall and have make foray into Scotland.

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  2. Wonderful name for a pie-shaped rock! You might break a few teeth trying for a taste though. Glad you thought better of it 😉 Gorgeous scenery; I love the cloud shadows racing across the grass.

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  3. Ha Ha…I loved the mouth watering build up to this “pie”. I thought you were on your way to a little village for some famous mince pie!

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  4. Is the Pie a naturally-formed rockpile? Or did human hands create it? It makes me think a little of Newgrange . . . Looks like an amazing walk!

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    1. It is a wonderful walk. And I know what you mean about Newgrange, but this is entirely natural. Limestone has the capacity to shape and weather itself into fantastic formations with a little help from the wind and the rain.


  5. 😁 You had me fooled! I kept wondering when you were going to divulge what sort of tasty pie Coniston turned out to be. An actual pie slice would have been a great snack while viewing those sheep laden hills.

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