Snapshot Saturday: lines of stone

We were walking on Thursday, near West Witton, Swinithwaite and Redmire.  Because it was April in Yorkshire, it was bitterly windy and cold with occasional hail: that was after we’d confidently started off in deceptively warm sunshine with a light breeze.

The final slog was along a long ridge, with a just-as-long line of dry stone wall keeping us on the straight and narrow every step of the way.  Here it is.


Earlier though, while the sun was still managing to shine, we passed a different sort of line.  Solid stepping stones crossed the river in a gentle curve, inviting two of our number to take the challenge and leap from boulder to boulder to the other side, then back again.

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is ‘Lines’.

23 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: lines of stone”

  1. Your post brought back memories of many happy Easter picnics with friends from school and our children. We met somewhere in the North Riding in weather ranging from hot to arctic. Now the children are grown and flown we meet outside school hols and inside!

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  2. Well, I’m glad to hear you’re out walking again even if the weather remains fickle. I love dry stone walls. Looking at this one with your description of the prevailing weather, I can imagine the men toiling away as they carefully laid the stones with the wind and the hail all around them. Of course, they were probably sensible enough to build in the summer months but it’s a good image all the same. Your wonderful stepping stones look lots of fun – for those who are braver than me! (Especially in that weather!)

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  3. A few years ago, we had a dry stone wall constructed in the garden our Yorkshire house and the builder asked for a penny. He told us that dry stone wallers often put pennies at the base of the walls to mark when they were built – or perhaps it was just for luck. Thanks for showing these. I miss the Yorkshire countryside.

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    1. What an interesting story, and one I’ve never heard before. I’ll ask a couple of dry-stone wallers of my acquaintance about this. Yes, of course the Yorkshire countryside is special. But you have found a different special place.

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  4. Hasn’t the weather been bitter recently? Those beautiful stone walls can be a wonderful protection against nasty weather as long as you walk on the leeward side! I would have loved to have jumped across the river on those stepping stones in my youth, but not now.

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  5. Dry stone walls almost art, aren’t they? I am sure somebody must have done an installation somewhere, perhaps Richard Long has? Looks like tough walking conditions recently, just you typical English spring don’t you just love it!

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    1. Well done you – you have a long memory. Richard Long seems to have exhibited wall-related works at the Tate at various times in the early 2000s. I wonder if he put himself out and about in the bitter conditions we’ve had recently?


    1. Oh yes, we can do all kinds of styles of stiles. That particular walk had gaps in walls, ladder stiles, traditional wooden stiles ….. lots and lots of them. A bit tough on older knees.


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