Snapshot Saturday: Weathered by the sun in Alicante

Our Spanish holiday ended in Alicante, some 550 km from Barcelona, and was all to do with our flight home.  Don’t ask.

My second impression of Alicante, and Malcolm’s first, was that it’s a lovely town.  It’s suffered a bit in English eyes from its proximity to Benidorm, the British home of sun, sand, sangria and sex (and that’s probably a bit unfair too).  Actually, it’s a fairly wealthy town, a historic Mediterranean port, and strolling round its historic centre, and along its seafront and esplanades was a pleasant experience.

I struggled to find much that was weathered, for this week’s WordPress Photo challenge, but here is a nicely picturesque house above the old town, and a slightly sun-battered detail from the Basilica de Santa Maria.

My other snapshots (click on any of them to see a slideshow) display a busy, prosperous town which we’ll happily return to.  Especially if we can enjoy lunch outside in temperatures of 17 degrees in the middle of January.

38 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: Weathered by the sun in Alicante”

  1. As so often, it’s funny how life plays…
    Yesterday we had invited our neighbours for a ‘Swiss/Greek’ dinner. The husband is Greek, his wife Brasilian. They are terrific and absolutely wonderful people and we are glad to have ‘found’ them. We only properly met them when their shed which was leaning against our ‘separating wall’ collapsed some years ago and brought a long stretch of the wall down…. Another story for another day — but anyway, we made acquaintance with each other and ever since praised the ‘fall of the wall’….

    We spoke about the different perceptions of places and I mentionnend you (amongst other unknown virtual blogger friends) and your surprising ‘opening of windows for me’ with your posts….. And now you’ve just done it again – and you hit the nail right on the head. From our time in UK we would never have considered said regions as a holiday destination and now I do!!!! Thanks for that. What riches are offered to our thirsty minds and eyes, hearts and dreams 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you! You’re right, the blogging world is an enriching one. And I’ve just found that you have a flickr account, so once I can remember my ancient yahoo password, I’ll start following you.


      1. Oh, so you have one too? I FORGET my Yahoo password FOREVER – Every time I have to sign in, I need to ask for a new one – don’t try too hard….. it’s not worth your time trying to remember. Do a new one! 🙂

        And yes, let’s get this sorted. I’d love to follow you too – I only just now found the possibility to comment on the individual photos. I’m not really a computer nerd, although, in comparison to many, I seem to know a lot….


      2. I’m on the case with Yahoo, but I don’t use it myself, as I save all mine on Google Photos. I’m not sure what the following system is there. Sooo complicated, this blogging/photo malarkey.


  2. If you time it right, there’s a lift up from the promenade to the heart of the castle in Alicante ( apparently the hole for the lift shaft was formed during an attack by the English…)

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    1. It’s a long story. The right hand (Malcolm) didn’t know what the left hand (me) was doing, and we ended up with two trips back home after my Valencia trip. Since it wasn’t the dreaded Ryanair, Jet2 let us change one of the tickets, and for various reasons connected with availability, Alicante it was. But we were both happy to explore …

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  3. Yes, Alicante is very pleasant and looking charming in your photos. And, absolutely agree with you as far as us Brits are concerned about it suffering from being too near to Benidorm. Once travelled from Alicante to Madrid by train and very interesting it was too.

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